Distribution Channels

  • Health Sector

    • Drugstores

    • Drugstore chain

    • Public and private institutions

  • Consumer Sector

    • Self-service stores

    • Distributors

    • Department stores

    • Sub-distributors

    • Convenience stores

    • Drugstores

    • Cash & carry

    • Corporate sales


At present, we represent more than 35 leading brands in consumer categories.
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Supply Chain

Customer Service
  • S&OP Demand Planning
  • Foreign Trade
  • Reception and Storage
  • Product Conditioning
  • Picking
  • Distribution and Transport
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Distribution

    We have a distribution network, specialized in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer products, supported by our Distribution warehouses of Lima, Chiclayo and Arequipa as well as the redistribution platforms in Huancayo, Trujillo, Piura, Cusco and Iquitos, which allow us to reach all throughout Peru. We have a storage capacity of 37,000 m3 in four different temperature conditions; all of our processes follow guidelines to comply with Good Storage Practices.

  • Logistic Operations For Third Parties

    We provide high-quality logistics services specialized in handling pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer products. We have 7,000 m3 of storage capacity equipped for fulfilling different temperature and safety conditions. We also provide reconditioning services under the requirements of the corresponding regulations, and distribution services in Lima and other cities.

  • Planning, Purchases And Comex

    We offer an integral Supply and Foreign Trade service, which ranges from demand management and the implementation of the purchase plan to the delivery at the point of destiny required by our customers. We have highly qualified professionals with vast experience in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and mass consumption sectors, committed to providing customized logistics solutions. We optimize inventory audit and carry out more efficient processes through the use of management tools and indicators (S&OP), and information systems (SAP).

  • Conditioning

    We have in-house infrastructure to guarantee that our conditioning process meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices Certification. As part of that, the services we offer include: tag labeling in primary and secondary packaging, inkjet printing, insert changes in accordance with regulations, preparation of promotional packaging and shrink-packaging service.


CIFARMA pharmaceutical laboratory

  • Conditioning and Reconditioning

    We have controlled areas that guarantee optimal packaging conditions and conditioning for medicines and cosmetics. We also offer the option to work additional details such as: printing sanitary registration numbers, changing pharmaceutical presentation/packages, among others.

  • Feasibility Studies

    We verify the compliance of the requirements needed to guarantee the medicament’s quality, safety and efficacy during its lifetime by considering appropriate storage conditions through our stability chambers designed to cover different temperature and humidity ranges. Furthermore, such equipment allows us to determine the lifetime of products under development.

  • Formulation and Development

    We have a new products development area, which is managed by a team of professionals who research and assess the latest market trends to generate an innovative product proposal or identify the ones that must be reformulated. We also provide the support required to design packaging materials for new products.

  • Quality control services for third party customers

    Our services include the analysis of supplies, bulk, and finished products, and the validation of analytic techniques for a great variety of products (pharmaceutical, natural, cosmetic, personal hygiene or other types of products) through our modern facilities, special areas with laminar flow and leading edge equipment, which allow us to ensure the compliance of the guidelines established by Good Laboratory Practices.